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Larry AKA blackwidow Red n Black bobber update



Larry Emailed with Bad News

“How are you doing?? I have bad news I was transporting my bike and I had a blowout on the trailer which caused the bike to move abruptly which caused the tow straps to break and I drop the bike off the trailer on I-25 doing 75mph and it skid across the road and burst into flames. Man was I sad and depressed. I had bought another one and was gonna build that one but now I have to put it on hold because I refuse to let this one go so I’m gonna give it a rebirth and hopefully it’ll come out better than before. I have to wait like 3 months before I can start on it though I have the honey do list first haha. Here is a pic of the damage.”

Shit happens. It could be worse. You could’ve been on it.. Suck man.

 XS650 Bobber Oldskool Red n Black: Update

Bobber/ Chopper…more progress….


Write about your XS650.: Here is an update on my ’72…George Sedlak is pinstriping and lettering the tank…I am adding the last few touches to this and then, hopefully… Continue Reading →

KaRatay Chop



Write about your XS650.1982 XS650 bult by detroit brothers. Rear rim is off of a harley so we could convert to a disc brake.  Tank is off of a Sportster.   Continue Reading →

1977 xs650 traker for sale



Write about your XS650.: If your looking for one of these , here it is. All the work is done. Frame is power coated silver. Pro paint job, fiberglass tank. Good tires and brakes. Continue Reading →

1978 rigid 4 sale



Write about your XS650.:

JJ: 650 bored to 750, runs shifts fine. shock mounted seat
$1900 for the bike
$500 for the spare motor
wont seperate will trade for smaller bikes/mopeds
in northern ca.

Ted: Hi JJ,  thanks for sending in the pictures. I’d be more than happy to publish the pics of your ride but could you write a little bit more about your bike.
Thank Ted

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Chazz xs bobbers



Write about your XS650.: Hoolidog bought as a rat then totally stripped an rebuilt see before an after pics,second one is a 72 xs2 which is ongoing, Continue Reading →