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The Frankenstein Bike



Write about your XS650.: This one got named FRANKENSTEIN because of the way the tank looked when I got it. There was quite a bit of work involved in getting the bike to it’s final state, and I think the completed bike was well worth the effort. Continue Reading →

The Bandit Bike



Write about your XS650.: This bike began life as a 1980 XS Special II. I made a few changes to it as you can see. It’s got a Harley king tank, and quite a few after market bits & pieces. The end result was pretty nice I think. Continue Reading →




Write about your XS650.:  This bike is my initial build using a scheme I came up with where I
borrow certain styling cues from Street Trackers & certain ones from a Bobber. I then put together what I call A TRACKABOB. Continue Reading →

The Black Tracker



Write about your XS650.: This was my second Street Tracker that I built. A lot of time (and several bobbers) had passed between my first Street Tracker and this one. Continue Reading →

1978 xs 650 hardtail built by Grave Robber Customs



Write about your XS650.: I got this bike from some awsesome guys down in jax, fl. They set me up with exactly what i wanted and then i added my touches from here. Continue Reading →

Elswick Cycles 650 Build



I got this bike about 10 months ago off craigslist in orange county for $200. I wanted something cheap but with potential, after my brother started his company Elswick Cycles at the beginning of 08 I was itching to start my own project bike. So now I’m at the point you see in the pictures. Continue Reading →