Nihil Sine Labore


Write about your XS650.: My Dream Maschine… purchased in parts,

Up to the last screw itself apart and assembled In operation since 2.5 years… and far from complete, Lack of the original 76 model, 750ccm engine, rephased (277°) without starter gear – The Kicker seperates the Man from the Boys – really 😉
Mikuni VM34 Roundsliders (?), all screws inox…..



D. Graf


  1. HDear says:

    Clean cafe!!

  2. skr00zloose says:

    killer ride!

    what’s that tank off of? I’m considering building a cafe style bike from one of my XS’s, and I really like the lines of that tank.

  3. Happosai says:

    I think the tank is off the shaft drive XS750 triple – nice looking bike – Hap

  4. chris s. says:

    reaaaaally nice!

    btw… the exhausts… arent they of a harley sportster???


  5. Troy says:

    Now this is a beautiful bike! Great work! I love the tank, bars, reservoir shocks, dual discs, turn signals and paint matched headlight. From what i can tell, it looks like the guages are perfect too!

    Very inspiring and very close to what i’ve begun to put together in my head.

  6. Evils says:

    Очень крутой мот!
    Beautiful caferacer!!!

  7. BehindTheScene says:

    Wonderful bike! Wonderful sound, i swear!
    Love the guy behind… 😉

  8. Mistral says:

    I like this bike!
    Is the tank from an XS750/XS850?