My half done bobber


Write about your XS650.: So im lost the bike half fires and will not run just ran wires from altinator to battery to points then condensor coil plug. spark and no fire, how do i run the wires to make it work have looked at the diagrams and cant figure it out. iv got a streched sporty tank on the way and want to have it running. This is my first build i bought it a a basket case frame was done everything eals in boxes best $300 i ever spent. any other hints would help thanks..



  1. Denis says:

    There is more to check than just the wiring. You may have the wiring correct. Possibly you have a bad coil, the points may only be working for one side, etc. Start with the basics. Set the timing by the marks, then set the points and be sure they are working correctly. Once that is done, then you start worrying about wiring and electronics. Lots of good posts on for how to test coils and condensors. If it turns out to be the wiring, I can make you a straight forward color coded diagram that you won’t be able to goof up. Just check everything else first.

  2. jimmy ako says:

    i was having the same problem. so i pushed the old lawn mower into my garage put it next to my bike and then pulled on the pull string five times knowing it wouldn’t start. then i got a nice piece of 3 by 2 and smashed hell out of the mower. bike starts first time now ; )

  3. norm younger says:

    Any new pics.