Home Arrest


Im currently on home arrest And my liscence is suspended. So!

I stumbled upon this site and was blown away by these bikes i love motorcycles i currently have two harley chops one is finished the other almost finished both bare bones chops anyways Im currently on home arrest and my liscence is suspended so ive got way too much time on my hands.


I see this site and i got the bug I start scouring craigslist for a 650 on the cheap and finally i find this guy selling one for 200bucks as soon as i got it home i got it started it dont smoke so i start tearing it down still not sure if im going to extend the swing arm or make it a rigid im leaning towards a drop seat style chop any ways your site is very inspiring and im realy excited about this project it helps pass the time and their isnt too many things id rather be doing here are some pics but im sure things are going to change as the build continues will keep you guys posted with the progress thanks again.



Thanks Badnews


  1. Ted says:

    HA “badews” I see those attack bars hang on the wall.. You should throw them on. I think it looks sweet.. I will make a set of attack style bars for myself.. Eventually.

  2. HoeyUno says:

    At least you found a time cunsuming hobbie to keep you busy…I was on house arrest in 2000 and drove myself nuts drinking beers.

  3. kik says:

    stop doing meth.