Hans from Holland plays with Picasa


Hans from Holland just sent in this cool picture.. If you don’t have Photoshop and want to do some photo editing check out picasa.  Its a free program you can use to edit and manipulate your motorcycle pictures…


  1. steviemonster says:

    Hey Hans! This is my fave XS of all time….is it a recent pic or an old one? no white wall rear no more or speedmaster front? i do love this ride………the dogs bollocks x take it easy x steviezombie@aol.com

  2. rt choppers says:

    Ey Hans,

    indeed the same frame, but your super creative mind makes a great different, i was inspired from your bike at the B.T. bikeshow 2009.
    we’ll see each other.

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    That´s ok Rik, are you goin´to Ede this sunday?
    You know for the opening of Kustom Korner, think I´m going anyway if the weather ain´t to bad.

  4. rt choppers says:

    ey Hans,

    3e prijs gehaald op bigtwin bikeshow met de rooie 477.
    groet Rik.

  5. Hé Rik,
    Just great, you deserve it! Saw the bike last friday and was impressed.
    Love the fat tires and the red color is awsome!!!! Congratzzzzz.
    Will do an article in the 653 about the five XS650’s on the show.

  6. rt choppers says:

    Great, i’l be curious…. maybe it’s time to become a member of the XS 650 CLUB.

    Grtxs Rik.

  7. Jeroen says:

    Hoi Rik. Zou jij mij willen mailen? Heb wat vraagjes over de 477.