Built with a hacksaw and drill press.


I have done everything wrong…

I botched my spacing.. .hurried my welds…and pinched my pennies when I should have bought something that works…
But I did it myself. I said at the beginning of the project: “If I have to grind the VIN off the bike and puch it into the ditch in the end…then I have achieved my goal.” I picked the xs650 cuz it is a popular and inexpensive project bike. I have bled the internet dry of bobber project pics and attempted to build my bike with as little $hop time as possible.


A buddy of mine did all the welding…I fabricated almost all my parts with a hacksaw and drill press. Props to my dad for all the support.
unfortunately…I am gonna have to tear her all down again and try to “correct” some errors in the 1st build.
Big THX to the xs650 community for all the support.


  1. Steve says:

    Hang in there it will be worth it when you get it finished …

  2. BLACK WIDOW says:

    So what corrections need to be made?

  3. Denis says:

    I know this sounds little, but nice job on the kickstand. That’s the same way I shorten mine.

  4. Pete says:

    I have to clean up the frame, have the rear axle milled down, build a wiring harness and mount a new rear fender, new battery box and figure out how to get more space between the frame and the chain. I tried to rush it and ran into spacing issues.

  5. tucker says:

    Looks like you still have the original wiring harness. If that’s so, rip it out and buy a T/C Bros wiring harness. This will save you some confussion and a ton of time. Also, by shaving the forks and a little polishing on the motor will make a huge difference, and costs nothing. Your off to a good start, don’t give up!