Another XS650 I built in my little shop in Kirkland, WA.

Write about your XS650.: Here’s another bike I built in my little shop in Kirkland, WA. A friend suggested the name for this one, and I think it fits. BRUNO THE BOBBER.
Everything has been bead blasted, and powder coated. Here is a list of the stuff done to this bike: • It has a 1971 XS-1tank. • New Yamaha tank logos. • The engine reads just under 5K on the clock. • This engine was originally a point’s engine, and it has been upgraded with a PAMCO electronic ignition system & a high out-put dual fire coil. • New chrome high flow 2 X 2 exhaust headers & mufflers…it sounds sweet!!


All the seals, gaskets & bearings have been replaced with new units. • Tapered steering head bearings have been installed instead of the stock ball bearings. • The stock Teflon swing arm bushings have been replaced with bronze bushings. • Harley front brake master cylinder with stainless steel brake lines. • Custom hand made skull head tail light/ license plate assembly. • Custom hand made speedo & tach units. • Custom hand made surfer foot brake pedal assembly • Custom hand made 8-Ball dip stick •


The original troublesome electrical system has been replaced with a custom hand made wiring harness utilizing just a single fuse for the entire system. • It is Simple…effective & out of sight. • New BATES style leather solo seat. • New High intensity Halogen head light assembly. • It has new shocks. • It has new brake shoes and pads. • All new cables. • New high tensile gold link chain. • Center stand assembly has been removed. This bike is a kick start bike, and fires on the first kick.


Thanks Roger

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  1. JohnnyGold says:

    Can we hear more about the 1 fuse wiring?

  2. dr ron says:

    Also would like to hear about the “one fuse” wiring , isn,t that a bit unpractical ? now you,l never know whats wrong with the electrics , further more … nice bike !! gr Dr Ron