Write about your XS650.: Vacationing in Daytona Beach, FL last week I turned to my wife and said “hey lets check out some bikes while we are here”. I have been promising her a Bike every since she gave birth to our daughter. She wanted a Metric bike, and she wanted something low enough to the ground and light enough to through around a bit.. Well as luck would have it I stumbled upon this here XS 650…


It was pretty much as you see it when we purchased it, however the carbs were dirty and running poorly, the timing was off, and the valves need a slight adjustment, oh and there was no rear fender..  I bought the bike, found a mechanic, got it titled, and had the Lowes rent a truck back in about 2 hours.. After the bike was checked out and tuned up, next day i picked it up, rode it back to Mom’s house, and went through every nut and and bolt, found a front fender off a honda or something at the wrecking yard, and figured it would make a good rear fender..


Fits perfect with the stock strut support. (had to hack saw off the Speedo cable loop.. and drill out the fork brackets..)  The previous owner did the hammer and nail work on the Tank.. It is seriously amazing in person, the shear OCD that it must have taken to do that project is amazing.. She is keeping the tank on the bike..
Also the Triumph oil bag that now houses the ignition and electronics.. Cool touch, we like the patina..
He powder coated the wheels and Stitched the Alligator seat..
The head light is temp, and will be replace once the bike gets back home, across the country..

So in less than the course of the weekend,  my Wife has a rad little metric bobber..

Now we can cruise together..

Her on the XS and me on the Panhead..

OH and we call it “BAD MOTHER”

Thanks Whiskey Tango


  1. Ted says:

    Nice score.. That last picture is kind of cool. Good luck getting it home.

  2. pretty cool chop there. even cooler that your wife rides it.

  3. Whiskey Tango says:

    Thanks.. We just received the bike today.. Shipped it from Daytona to Los Angeles.. Took it off the truck, fired right up, and rode it home..
    Keep you guys posted on the upcoming additions and changes..

  4. Tebo says:

    Aww… I really like that story (snif). Kidding aside, if your wife is as into it as you, thank God every day for sending her into your life. My prayers for your little girl, the light of your life. T.

  5. Dane says:

    I dig it, especially the gator seat.

  6. Ryan says:

    Im new in the bike scene sorry if this is a dumb question but is that the stock tank that has been modified or a sporty tank?

    And also when you referr to the “hammer and nail work” Is that when they bend some steel rod in the shape they desire, tack to the tank then beat it in, which leaves that shape indent behind, then cut the rod back off?

    Thanks in advance for the answers Im really liking this bike, hoping to build one soon!

  7. Barney says:

    sporty tank. Why would you have to weld a rod to the tank when you could just hit it with a dead blow?

  8. All ’round great blog post!!