Gnarly XXXXSSSS 650!

I just did a short interview with John.  He built the crazy unique xs650 bobber featured last month. This is the XS he’s currently working on. Looks pretty original to me. I really dig the style this guy has.. What do you guys think?

What are the fork off? —- They are R1 forkes and tripple clamps — The rear wheel is a supermoto 450 Honda.

Looks like a rebuilt engine? — No — I bought the bike for 100 bucks and it had good compresion — So i just cleaned it up and it ran fine….
Are those Mule points covers? — Yes  — Richard  gave them to me so people could see them when the bike hit the magizines — Richard is a good guy.
(If don’t know about The XS650 Mule click here.)

Are you going to put any Fender on her? — No — Most of my bikes don’t have fenders — The panhead I’m working on right now — might have a fender — but — still not sure tho!
Slim made the gas tank — He does the best work for tanks and handle bars — Check out his website www.slimsfabrication.com — He is a good friend of mine and a great guy — Check it out Bro.
Thanks for sending in the pictures man.
Show some LOVE in the comments so John sends in pics when the bikes done!

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop