Another! Unique xs650 Bobber


Gnarly XXXXSSSS 650!

I just did a short interview with John.  He built the crazy unique xs650 bobber featured last month. This is the XS he’s currently working on. Looks pretty original to me. I really dig the style this guy has.. What do you guys think?

What are the fork off? —- They are R1 forkes and tripple clamps — The rear wheel is a supermoto 450 Honda.

Looks like a rebuilt engine? — No — I bought the bike for 100 bucks and it had good compresion — So i just cleaned it up and it ran fine….
Are those Mule points covers? — Yes  — Richard  gave them to me so people could see them when the bike hit the magizines — Richard is a good guy.
(If don’t know about The XS650 Mule click here.)

Are you going to put any Fender on her? — No — Most of my bikes don’t have fenders — The panhead I’m working on right now — might have a fender — but — still not sure tho!
Slim made the gas tank — He does the best work for tanks and handle bars — Check out his website — He is a good friend of mine and a great guy — Check it out Bro.
Thanks for sending in the pictures man.
Show some LOVE in the comments so John sends in pics when the bikes done!


  1. Teebs says:

    Well, since you put Slim’s link up there, I’ve gotta comment on him first. I think that dude needs an exorcism, because his work is pure evil.

    That Harley is totally twisted and when I saw that Trike I didn’t know whether to laugh or cross myself. I did both, just to cover my ass…

    Seriously, that Trike looks like the Tricycle From Hell. I could just picture this gigantic, demonic 3 year old with a bloody, fang-filled grin plopping down on it and roaring away… awesome crazy stuff.

    As for John’s bike. it looks to be on the way to another awesome build. Cool alternator cover. I was hoping to get a close up of the left side. What is the purpose of the chain next to the front sprocket?

    Those forks look so massive. You know, I’ve heard a lot of criticism of bikes that seem too forward, but I’ve gotta tell ya, I really like the forward-leaning look. It’s aggressive, and with those forks, it just looks tough as hell.

    I love the last one.. can’t wait to see this one finished… any hints about future alterations? Thanks for sharing, man… just awesome.

  2. Hans from Holland says:

    In my opinion the disadvantage of such a rearhub is that it only accept a large sprocket. Normally a 33 or 34 tooth sprocket is installed. When I have a quick eye on this one I think this XS runs a 44 tooth sprocket or so. Must give very high revs at cruising speed… I prefer to install a 31 tooth rearsprocket for easy cruising. Also do I always install a chaintensioner, sure when the frame is stretched. An original XS runs a chain with 104 links, with a stretch of three inch you’ve got at least 124 links. To keep vibration down it helps quiet a lot to use a chaintensioner.

  3. Ted says:

    I just dropped my stock 34 sprocket to a 30. It should help at cruising speed and lower RPMs on the highway. I haven’t tested it out yet. My bike is still in a big pile of pieces..

  4. BLACK WIDOW says:

    What is that rear wheel off of?? did it bolt on with the same xs axle?? Did the original sprocket bolt right up?

  5. John -- aka -- angry samoan says:

    Hans — U are right about the rear sprocket it does rev out on the freeway — but it’s a cruser

  6. John -- aka -- angry samoan says:

    black widow — i think i made a mistake on the rear wheel that one was off a CR250 supermoto — when U do so many — I get mixed up sometimes — lol — the axle is XS and it went right in — the sprocket is stock — with a 420 chain

  7. John -- aka -- angry samoan says:

    Teebs — Slim is doing my panhead tanks they are the 5 gal dubbles that are slimed down (so U can see the frame) and lowered with the right side the fuel and the left side oil, coil, and battery — they look killer — with a brass Jessica Rabbit down the center — when it’s done i will send Ted some pic’s

    the chain is the jocky shift —

    thanx Teebs

  8. Teebs says:

    lol… can’t believe I didn’t catch that… and i can’t wait to see the pics.

  9. Ted says:

    Hey John, you can get to your bike posts a number of ways. There is a link in this bike’s description to your other XS. Or you could use the search box in the upper right-hand corner. Top 10 are always changing..

  10. John aka angry samoan says:

    Ted — thanx Ted — LOL — i found it Bro

  11. Butch says:

    What’s up with that paintball Co2 Tank? I’m racking my brain here and can’t figure out what you would use it for.


  12. Teebs says:

    My guess is that it is for the electrics. It looks cool. did you notice the toggles mounted in it?

  13. Butch says:

    Teebs…yeah, I noticed them right after I posted the comment….thanks…now I feel foolish…LOL


  14. JC says:

    Did you have to do any machining to the neck or the head tube to get those R1 forks on?

  15. Nick Mon says:

    Wondering about the clamps used to mount the bars to the fork tubes. I would like to do something similar using pro taper bars.

  16. steve-o says:

    this has got to be one of my favorite bikes on this site man. its sick, i mean absolutely disgusting!! great job man, hats off to ya!

  17. tom says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t tha bit o chain link a suicide shift?

  18. Jesse says:

    I have a set of R1 forks I am trying to fit to a XS frame and have run into a few problems. I was wondering how you accomplished yours. I first found that the steering tube would not press into the lower triple clamp since it is to small a diameter. I think I can see how you accomplished the other problem since you have a custom top triple clamp. Is that a one off, or can it be purchased?

  19. norm younger says:

    Great front end.