Mahogany end caps woodburned “XSive”

Write about your XS650.: Here’s my latest project “XSive woody”. I got it as a rolling chassis ($500) PO had installed a TC Bros hard tail and forwards, motor was sitting in frame, i couldn’t pass this one up, my wife’s been wanting a chop anyway. i removed the stock mag wheels because they had rear hydraulic brake and i don’t care for mags, I installed the double laced rims and tires off an ’82XS they are rear drum, front hydraulic. Tank is also from ’82XS I epoxied the mahogany veneer to the tank, 4 coats of exterior urethane varnish, taped off the wood and rattle canned the metal, then added a pinstripe to break it up.


Seat is a harley deuce, drag bars with stock controls, catseye tail light and turn signals, headlight is off a 50’s triumph, oil tank is 4″ chrome pipe w/ mahogany end caps woodburned “XSive” on them. Rear brake linkage runs from forward to battry box then goes in the box and exits the rear of the box (conceals the pivot) Put the ignition switch behind the oil bag. piped are stock headers cut off with 18″ extention made from fence pipe, hell i had it laying in the shop and it fit. Polished the engine up and took it for a ride…


Runs like a RAPED APE, put 50 miles on the maiden voyage and returned home with everything still intact. Gotta love the XS650’s my next one is the ’82 that i’ll be building for myself.





xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop