Write about your XS650.:

JJ: 650 bored to 750, runs shifts fine. shock mounted seat
$1900 for the bike
$500 for the spare motor
wont seperate will trade for smaller bikes/mopeds
in northern ca.

Ted: Hi JJ,  thanks for sending in the pictures. I’d be more than happy to publish the pics of your ride but could you write a little bit more about your bike.
Thank Ted

JJ: junkyard dog
1978 yamaha 750 rigid bobber
aint all that pretty a some weight saving monkey drilled all over the case giving it that cool new drilled look thats all the rage.
the tires are round and made of rubber….they bounce….they roll….yo  here you go
the nicely painted tank comes adorned with two custom rusty dents, hard to replicate as the results of a fine banging provided by the forks. look beyond
the carbs are there….greasy and dirty, the exhausts rusty sloppy welds hidden by tattered exhaust wrap.
kick stand keeps it upright to the point of almost falling over, tail light barely hanging on ….and liscence plate light still a dream.
this baby always starts ez and shifts like butter
i love it but gotta sell it


send best offers with a note from yer mother to

Ted: HAha Nicely put

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve