1972 XS 650 Bobber


Write about your XS650.: Here is my 1972 Yamaha XS 650 Bobber, I have building this over the last year and finally havce it completed! It has a Pamco Electronic Ignition, Joe Wiseguy 2-1 intake (Very Trick), TC Bros Choppers Hardtail & foreword Controls, Road 6 Customs 16″ GIMP Apehangers, Lots of Parts from Mikes XS and the Exhaust was custom Made by “Uncle Ray” at Exhaust Pros and all the powder coating was done by the guys at WO Customs Powdercoating (Great Job)…thats my Buisness… Lots more stuff and it gets lots of looks!





Brian Ophus


  1. Brian Ophus says:

    Well Bad news, I had hoped the engine would make till fall….Unfortunately it didn’t…So now I am updating to a 707cc upgrade. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  2. Teebs says:

    That sucks, brother. Hope all goes well.

    What is up with that throttle cable? lol

    Just out of curiosity, what size carb are you running?

    Like the pipes.

  3. dominico says:

    cant i get your uncles info at exhaust pros,would like a set of those pipes,i’m installing the 2 into 1 intake shortly and will be in need of an exhaust that clears the carb,thank you in advance.