Month: May 2009


Another XS650 I built in my little shop in Kirkland, WA. Write about your XS650.: Here’s another bike I built in my little shop in Kirkland, WA. A friend suggested the name for this one, and I think it fits. BRUNO THE...

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1972 XS 650 Bobber

Write about your XS650.: Here is my 1972 Yamaha XS 650 Bobber, I have building this over the last year and finally havce it completed! It has a Pamco Electronic Ignition, Joe Wiseguy 2-1 intake (Very Trick), TC Bros Choppers...

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Write about your XS650.: This one is another TRACKABOB that I have built. I named this one MAGILLA. This engine was originally a point’s engine. It has been upgraded with an electronic ignition system & a high out-put dual...

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Write about your XS650.: I built this bike for a guy up in Canada. He wanted (and needed) certain things on the bike. canadian rules dictate that the bike had to have blinkers so I modified a stock wiring harness to enable it to...

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Write about your XS650.: The Blue Dahlia led to The Red Barron. ’80 frame with a ’79 motor & a CDI set-up installed. This one has a chrome 1963 Ducati 350 tank on it. Eagle one seat…Heritage special wheels....

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