Yamaha xs650 For Sale Fong Brothers


Fong Brothers 1982 Yamaha XS650 1982 Yamaha XS650 Heritage Special bobber, chopper, tracker, cut-down, murder sickle or whatever you want to call it. This is a bike built by the legendary, internationally known (there is one guy in Holland who knows our bikes), award winning, Fong Brothers. We’ve been seriously altering vehicle since 1999 and chopping up XS650s for six years. We have built five of these in various designs and are about ready to start hacking on number six.

One of our bikes was in “The Horse” a year or so ago. This bike has won 2nd place in the Mid-Atlantic International Motorcycle show for the last three years. We’ve won third with another bike and this year won first with build #5. This bike is reliable and has only left me on the side of the road for about a half hour. I burned through an ignition wire, spliced it, and got back on the road. Of course I kicked it for about 15 minutes before I realized I wasn’t getting spark. Felt like an idiot until I fired her back up. It is the best ride of the bikes we have built. I never hard tailed it because of my back. We demo-derbied for seven years and after being in over 300 accidents my back likes to throw a tantrum from time to time.

It’s a firm ride, but easy on my back — it never hurts even after several hours of riding.


The only riders who know what it is have had them before. Guys are always asking, “What make is that thing?” No one believes it’s an 82 either. I was at a red light and the guy in a car next to me asked, “What year is that?” I said, “82”. He called me a dick. I laughed. People always think it’s from the 50s. The only thing on the bike that “says” 1982 Heritage is the laces on the rear wheel.


If my bike is sitting next to a shiny, chromed out, bike, people want to talk to me about my bike. People who don’t know anything about bikes or even like bikes ask questions and want to talk about it. You will get thumbs up when you ride. I was in a traffic circle and a guy almost wrecked his truck looking my bike over.

I want to sell her only because I have to fund my next build. Bill Gates may have a garage full of hover-bikes, but I don’t have the money for more than one ride at a time.

One of our bikes was in “The Horse”

1999 and chopping up XS650s



  1. Bobby Joe Fong says:

    That is this most amazing bike I’ve ever seen! I should buy it for many many dollars! I won’t, but a much richer person should.

    the builder — Bobby Joe Fong

  2. Collin says:

    You Fong Bros. Are the biggest reason that I want an xs. Do you have a website? I googled your name and all I really came up with was this forum.

  3. Bobby Joe Fong says:

    We are working on the website right now. Very slowly, but it will be up this summer.

  4. Almosttheend says:

    Oldtimes don’t get it! There just jealous all the young scrappers picking up the good xs deals and chopping them to pieces. maybe they like it more with a windshield and cupholder. funny.

  5. Slim says:

    How much for the Fong Brothers 1982 Yamaha XS650 advertised in XS 650 Chopper? Can ya’ll make one like that but with a springer instead?

  6. Slim says:

    Sorry I just saw the link for Ebay, but how about with the springer?

  7. KIRBY says:

    I have a 1970 xs 650 chopper and was wondering if there was ever a electric starter for it. I had no luck on the net. If there wasn’t, is any other options?


  8. Dan says:

    What are the make and size of the tires on the above bike? Is the front tire on the stock xs fork?

  9. Seth says:

    Nice lookin bike for a sonft ride. Maybe grab a pedal without a reflector next time though huh? haha

  10. Jason says:

    Does anyone know who picked up this bike and if they may be interested in parting with it? I would bet the answer is no, but any info would be appreciated

  11. Jason says:

    Does anyone have any info on who purchased this bike? I’m guessing the answer will be no, but I want to know if they are interested in selling it.