xs650 bobber start up




Thanks metalho


  1. David Roy says:

    Ted, What main and pilot jets did you settle on?

    What muffs do you have on the pipes… Sounds GREAT!

    I have a similar set up and would love to get it sounding like yours.

    Best regards,

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks, but it isn’t mine. It does sound pretty sick though.

  3. metalho says:

    Its my bike. Motor was bought from someone who had wrecked the bike, the doner came off a bike that was cafed and it runs to well not to have been modified. Prob has been re-jetted, I ran stock head pipes cut at 35″ and necked up to 2″. Frame came from Wise Guys Choppers with a 4″ stretch to the hardtail, 2″ stretch to the backbone and 36 deg rake with a 2″ overstock DNA springer. This is my first real build and Im happy with the way the bikes turning out, no way in hell I could have built this without the online help of the guys on The Chopper Underground, thanks guys!!! Now Im hooked.

  4. Ted says:

    Thanks for sending in the pics update metalho.

  5. metalho says:

    Hey thanks Ted. Have her all taken apart for final finishing and painting. Will send a pic after shooting some color.

  6. Ted says:

    metalho sounds cool. We should definitely do a e-mail interview if you’re down.

  7. metalho says:

    Absolutely, if you care to put up with my bull Im willing to spoon it out, LOL. Just give me a time and we can do er up, not a problem. Im usually off work around bankers hours so just e-mail me. Thanks Ted.

  8. metalho says:

    Bike is on its way to being completed. Final top coats of black are being shot this weekend and so far the painting has gone well. Was fortunate enough to win the TCU 2009 BBO with this little bike and a big thanks to everyone on the site for there help, and Joe Wise Guys for setting me up with the killer frame.

  9. dklassen says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what did it cost you for the work on the frame?

  10. Mhanks71 says:

    What kind of mufflers are those and what was your jetting ? Bike sound great . I’m working on a 1980 Special right now .

  11. Jeff says:

    Love the way it looks, I am in the process of sourcing a XS650 in my neck of the woods ( which literally is out in the boonies) where can one find a 2″ overstock DNA springer front at a decent “poor working mans” price? also on the hardtail frame was it just a regular 4″ stretch? cause I want a 18 X 200 tire on the rear of mine. It looks like you aren’t using a chain tensioner, is that correct? with that chain length does it have any prob;ems or would a tensioner be a better deal?
    I am still trying to get more information on the look I want before I buy any parts other than the 650 donor bike? also on th espringer front did you just get an adapter or what is the best way to get the springer front to fit?