Update: Unique xs650 bobber..


John was nice enough to send in some more pictures of his Beautiful Gnarly XS 650 Bobber Concept. I got to ask him a few questions about his XS.


What is that dome alternator cover from and what’s underneath it? —-

Just a cover i came up with — standard ignition –The VW distributor is not finished yet — but it will go on the left side — we mocked it up and it will trip evevyone out when it is done!!!


What did you have to do to connect the overhead cam oiling system? Did you just take the screws out and drill them on a drill press and then threat them?

What is the swing arm off?

Well — let us say it is not off a street bike for now — i want them to keep guessing –lol


How long have you been working on it?
— it took about 7 months — me and my son built it — at the time we were working on a bike for a moive stuido too — i didnt what do just another normal ridged — I’v done too many of those — lol


So, the pictures on the site must’ve been shot by “Tony” who saw your bike at the swapmeet?Yes . All my bikes are real street bikes — they all run and we ride them — they are not just for show — i ride rain or shine — i’m working on a panshovel right now that is so awsome — U will trip when that is done — it is one of a kind also — i don’t like doing the same old thing — like i said i do honda 400’s — KZ450’s — if U want to see those lemme kno Bro — Thanx for puting me on your great site Ted..

Thanks John AKA angrysamoan


  1. Denis says:

    Can I get some information on the frontend?

  2. travis says:

    how did you make the kick start pedal work?

  3. Jonathon D says:

    great bike, it looks like a dirt bike swing arm, maybe even a yamaha banshee swing arm..the suicide shift looks like a very cool piece of mechanical art with all of the different linkage and pivot parts, quite unique.. a great example of what you can do with alot of creativity and skills.. props its a beauty!!!!

  4. Ted says:

    I don’t think it’s a yamaha banshee swing arm Jonathon. I think its probably off a late-model street bike.

  5. Jonathon D says:

    Ya your right it wouldn’t be off a banshee, but he does say its not off a street bike though. I’m still thinking it may be from a dirt bike

  6. Ted says:

    ya, it’s probably off a dirt bike.

  7. Johannes says:

    Thanks for putting up more pics of this 650 beauty Ted! The swing arm integration is inspiring! Great work John on the details. It’s always the details that tell the stories between bike and builder. Ted, we would appreciate some pic’s of John’s KZ450 creation.

    Johannes – Vancouver

  8. John aka angry samoan says:

    Denis — the forks are stock xs650 with triumph fork covers

  9. John aka angry samoan says:

    Travis — the lower kiker is xs lower and the top of the arm is harley so i could use the kick peddle

  10. John aka angry samoan says:

    Jonathon D — the swingarm is yzf 426 i had laying around — i needed something strong because it is a ridged

    also i will get the pic’s of the kz450 out to Ted — it will be up to him if he will post them

  11. John aka angry samoan says:

    Johannes — i sent Ted a few of my son Shawn’s Honda CT400 and my son Ian’s Kawi KZ 450 — if Ted posts them — the bikes they got were free and i helped them with there build a little when they got stuck — but they were on there own — they are raw rat bikes

  12. Did the triumph fork covers bolt right onto the xs forks or was there alot of alterations needed?

  13. Bruce Bellfay says:

    John, I also thing that your bike is cool. But what gets me think is your improvement with the re-rooting of the oil to the head. What are the benefits? Cheers.

  14. jim says:

    swingarm looks like a crotch rocket arm and a r6 mono shock if im not mistaken.

  15. Barney says:

    Absolutely love the shifter. The sideways photos, not so much. That swingarm would be a lot cooler if it was functional. I wouldn’t want to hit that throttle too hard and slide back enough to burn a hole in my shorts.

  16. Joel says:

    Does anybody know if that yzf426 swingarm is a direct bolt on fit to the xs frame? Do u know of any s/a’s that are approx +4″ that are bolt on?

  17. Alex says:

    wow.. after looking around for “extended swingarm” bikes… finally… one worthy of being called an extended swingarm.. beautiful!

  18. Barney says:

    John, is the VW distributor finished? Any pics of the left side?

  19. Sean says:

    What mono shock would that be? I see no coil. I see no shock. It’s a rigid. And “crotch rocket” swingers are either straight extruded box section (no taper like a gs dirtbike swinger) and r6 swing arms are braced. This one isn’t.