UPDATE Again: B’s 1979 xs650 Bobber


This is my 3rd post and update of my 1979 xs650 Bobber! Now I have chopped off the back end and added a single bobber seat, new micro bullet tail lights and side mount plate.noid-z_end_2


  1. joe michaelson says:

    where did u get the rear shocls for the bike?

    ad what other modifications did yo do to the back end?

  2. Brandon says:

    http://www.mikesxs.com , is where you can get the shocks and just about anything else for a xs650!

    Everything else came off Craigslist and Ebay!

  3. Brandon says:

    Besides shocks, chopped off rear end, added micro tail lights and a single bobber seat! Paint side panels and gas tank Black! Wheels have been Powder coated black, and tires came from JC whitey.com, $100 for the set!! Awesome!

  4. Joe Michaelson says:

    so i am assuming that you just bought a set from Mike’s and it dropped the backend down?

    I have a 1981 XS that i am messing with, i really don’t want to do too much “physical” chopping of the bike and want to keep it’s original integrity. i just kinda wanna give it that little “push” over the top. longer forks, lower backend, new turn signal setup etc. i got new handlebars and such from EBAY.

    it would probably be easier to do this conversation through email.

    mine is joemichaelson89@yahoo.com

  5. Ben says:

    looks awesome! would you be willing to explain your process of cutting off the back? thanks!

  6. Burt Redfoot says:

    @tom in socal

    you’re gay

  7. paul says:

    whered you get that seat?? and what exhaust is that??

  8. Sean from boston. says:

    I like the bike a lot one thing i would change is the springer seat, you do still have springs, however that aside I LOVE IT! forget tom from socal, there is a big difference between an opinion and being a dick. great bike man!

  9. toelessjoe says:

    Hey I think it really cool that you set up the rear disk brake on your bike. I was wondering where you got your stuff to do it and if that is the stock wheel?

  10. Bob says:

    hey is there a guide on how to build theese bikes ?:D

  11. rj from the ole school says:

    Question for all 650 buiders,,,,,,what ‘s the big deal about sprung seats above a spring shock? I dont see a problem,,,,,,looks OK,,,,,adds a little more comfort,,,,and a touch of chrome,,,,,,,,not everyone wants to ride a backbone crusher any distance so why act like springs over springs is taboo,,,,maybe those who dont like it and take issue with it are trying to be politically correct,,,,,thats right ,,,,I said followers of the big goot ,,,,,,let those who ride deside.