Stillborn Kustom Xs650


79 xs650 i pulled er back 4 inches and raked out to 42 degrees with 6 over forks. i made everything my self except the seat. got 34mm makuni carbs, wiring will be through the frame and she wont run a batter, just kick start. dont work at a chopper shop but i think she looks killer.


Got a set of one inch apes for er and some other one off shit i build. besides that shes almost done. love the site and its sick to see how all you kats from diffrent places chop and drag bikes. let me know what you lowlifes think……thanx and keep the faith


  1. K:D:S says:

    thanks man and once shes back in runnin order ill send a movie of the rear tire mealting…hahahah.

  2. Pete says:

    Whats the RAKE you set up for it? also interested about the legnth of the forks(over stock)???

  3. HoeyUno says:

    Your right. She does look effing killer!! Cant wait for the clip.

  4. john says:

    how did you do your rake? shop done or in your garage

  5. WannaXS says:

    Looks wicked.

  6. Dennis says:

    Stillborn sounds about right……………

  7. norm younger says:

    Any new pics of it completed?