Okie Bobber


Write about your XS650.: This 81 xs is my first cycle build. tc bros. hardtale, headlight bucket is an old police search light i had laying around, the seat pan was formed from an eletrical panel door, the pipe extensions are legs from an end table.


I got insperation for the forward controls from the pics of the evil twin on this site. Total cost was cheep under $1000. I have an 80 xs waiting in the wings, maybe brat style?


Thanks Jay eastep


  1. Smitty says:

    looks kool Jay send me a close up of your headlight mounting i want to use a 50’s car spotlight and i’m looking at diffrent ideas

  2. jay says:

    thanks smitty ,I’ve been doing some mods and will post some new pics soon the headlite mount is a piece of steel with two bends, it mounts with two 10mm under top triple tree and one larger bolt through bottom of the bucket.

  3. Teebs says:

    Jay, I like it. A simple, clean bob. And I love that you used scrap to build it. How cool is that? Awesome, can’t wait to see the next one.

  4. jay says:

    I tell people thats not junk, thats inventory.

  5. Kevin says:

    luv the bike! what kind of tank is that? looks good!!

  6. mike lytle says:

    if it walks like exaust and it talks like exaust by god it’s exaust! what mooron put exaust tubing on an end table, somebody get a rope…great job vindicating the exaust pipe for it’s intended use. otherwise great job on the build, thanks for sharing

  7. norm younger says: