My sweet dream


Cant wait to raise some hell.

Heres some pics of my work in progress picked up my 77 on craigslist for around 200 us dollars it was a bare rolling chassis with engine got it home started throwing around some ideas found some great guys over at G&L choppers sent the bike to em had them do a 5in stretch with there electric box.



Cant wait to raise some hell on the streets will send more pics and videos when its finally completed please leave some suggestions im stuck in a hard spot right now not sure what to do next i am game to all differ ideas thanks guys you all build great bikes keep it up.


Thanks kyle

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  1. Ron says:

    Hey Kyle those guys at G&L Chopper are good and your ride looks like its on its way!!!!!!! i live in Colorado and nobody knows 650’s like G&L Choppers.

  2. Brian Ophus says:

    Hey man throw on a joe wise guy 2-1 intake( are killer and they run smooth! looks good!
    and if you need anything powdercoated let me know!

    Brian-WO customs Powder Coating

  3. Gravo says:

    I love what you’ve done so far Kyle. As soon as I find an XS that’s the exact look I’m goi g for except I was going to do a 4″ stretch. Are you going to have a break on the front wheel? I can’t decide. Lookingbforward to seeing some more progress pics.

  4. norm younger says:

    Great job on the stretch so many bikes look like kids bike because they end up so short nice job.