Day Tripper


Describe Your XS650: Bike started off as a stock xs. Soon after I got it I strutted it chopped the rear fender and fabbed up a seat and rode it to smoke-out 9. Over the winter I tore it apart and took the frame to Hillbilly’s Wicked Choppers for the hardtail.5edwu27q

Everything else was done in my backyard and has everything from a lawnmower blade to a xr80 valve tappet on it. Was going for a very simple build using stuff around the shop. Still have a little more work to do to it if I can stop riding it.




Thanks Ryan Smith


  1. Steve says:

    Nice looking bike …

  2. Kester says:

    Hai Ryan Smith,

    Really great bike! I want to rebuild my xs659 79′ also this winter (cold winters in holland), and i’m aiming for a look like your bike.
    Did you strecht the frame (how much and were)? I know there are stock parts for sale to weld on a hardtail, but yours seems longer, is this right?
    Did you also use the HD sportster gastank, what year is yours?
    Well good luck and thanks for the pictures.

    Best regards,


  3. Jack Rollins says:

    love the daytripper…. how did you lower the front fork?

  4. fanoboss says:

    Love the stumpy look.