Aaron’s 74′ TX 650


This is my 1974 TX 650 hard tail chopper!! I picked it up off E-Bay last spring. It was yellow, w/ apes, a big sissy bar, and a white seat. Everyone jokingly called it the banana. It has a 15$ paint job,( looks good right!) I got the seat off, where else, E-Bay, for 150$, ( On sale), from a company called, Dream Evil Designs. Their work is world renouned, and usually very expensive… 400$+, and worth every penny.


That is custom, hand tooled leather, brothers!! The head, and tail lights…. thats right, e-bay. All together I only have about 2,500 into the bike. The funny thing is everywhere I go, it gets ALL the attention. Bike runs.. bars… all the “harley- guys” really like it. Truth is,of all the bikes ive owned, including Harleys, this one I like the most. I think because it’s 5 years older than me, and its still kickin’ and no one else has one like it…. except for you guys… There are some really cool bikes on this site, I think mine will fit right in. Which is the only time that fitting in is except-able!

Thanks Aaron V.



  1. Steve says:

    Nice bike ..

  2. mike N says:

    I love it! Kick ass ride

  3. JANKEEZ says:


  4. will mccrary says:

    sweet bike and satin paint job- what did you paint it with for 15 and is it holding up?