Write about your XS650.: As soon as i got my license i wanted to get a motorcycle but my parents would never aloow it do to the fact that my dad rides and has been hit by two mini vans. so as soon as i moved out i hit craigslist lookin for the right bike to start out on and make a bobber out of. i found this peace of crap 650 ugly lookin thing but the guy was willing to trade for a eaqilly ugly and crappy hot rod which i just so happen to have.


So i picked the bike up bone stock and sitting for 3 years and with no previous knowledge of how to work on a bike at all let allone build a bobber out of one. Im 20 years old had never rode a mc before or tried building one but with all the old VW and hot rod crap i had sittin around i think i built a pritty nice rat. let me know what you guys think this is the only site for xs650 guys around and the oppinions on here would matter more then some fags on the street.



Thanks clay

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