81 burnt copper Beauty


Started chopping, grinding, and unbolting right away!

Write about your XS650. :Here is my first XS bobber project. I bought it used but factory fresh (still 100% stock). My friend Clay and I started chopping, grinding, and unbolting right away! the bike is still not 100% finished but couldn’t wait to share this beauty with my fellow XS riders.



The tank is off of a Sportster, the chrome bars are 15’s and all the wires and modules have been rerouted and hid in two custom made capsules. The paint was done by myself and is burnt copper metal flake along with midnight black pearl. The pipes are black right now, but will soon be polished. I also plan to rewire the ignition and starter button to a more unseen location.


Let me know what you think!!


  1. The other Nate says:

    Thats really cool, I did my frame similar. Is that just basically straight tube bolted on both ends? That’s rad!!!

  2. Mike D. says:

    yeah, the tubing is bolted below the curve of the backbone and at the swingarm. The bike rides very comfortably.

  3. jimmy ako says:

    good job guys. realy nice work. you must be well pleased : )

  4. Teebs says:

    Nice looking bike… already up on ebay. Good job though…

  5. norm younger says:


  6. WayRider says:

    Nice Bike, love the paint man

  7. copper wire says:

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