This is my 1979 XS650 Chopper. I built it from scratch mostly in my garage- I had a friend help with the frame and tube bending. The gas tank is from some Harley model (I filled in the spot in between the gas caps), the electrics box is an old ammo can I cut down and re-welded.





The paint was all done by me as well. I have video clips of it on YouTube:

This is a drive-by of my 1979 XS650 Chopper- I made it the winter of 2005. It’s custom hardtailed, dual disks with stainless lines, etc. Great fun to ride- a real headturner. I sold it- I just didn’t drive it much anymore- I usually ride the Tracker now 😉

I also have a Street Tracker and a mostly stock 82 Heritage Special (probably becoming a future project- cafe maybe). Once I built the Tracker, I mostly quit riding the chopper, so sadly I sold her to some guy in Nebraska.

Thanks Clayton Lubbers

xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana