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K. Hall’s Swingarm Bobber “Brat Style”



Done in 20 days

I just finished this bike for my wife for her 30th birthday. I must say that i thought that building this type of bike would be WAY faster and easier than my ridgid but this is not the case. I still managed to get it done in 20 days just in time for her party and she loves it. Continue Reading →

B.Hall’s ’83 Hardtail



$200 in boxes

Here is my 1983 xs 650. I purchased this bike for $200 in boxes, I built the hard tail minus axle plate that I got from TC Bros. I have about $900 into this bike and it gets more attention than the 30,000 dollar HD’s that I park next to hahaha. Continue Reading →




Another chop from the boys at, this time with an extended swing arm, homemade forward controls, Craftsman shifter and some wicked paint. Quite a crowd pleaser. Continue Reading →

xs650 Retro Bob 2



Hey guys this is my second post. So here she is gents. My 1979 xs650 twin. Shes a total bute aint she. This is my first ever motorcycle project. Im 18 and pretty happy to of discovered something so awesome at a young age.  So far I have stripped it all down and built it back with the most basic wiring known to man. hahah. Basically I have a positive wire going from my battery to a fuse box where there are two fuses, one to the headlight/tailight, and the other to the pamco starter. It all turns on by the flip of a switch. No key start yet. Its almost done, I just ordered a huge load of parts off of ebay to finish her up. Continue Reading →

My 1st xs chop build



8inch over front forks

Hi all. Just started to put together this xs650. I have been collecting bits for a few months now. 8inch over front forks. Honda vt600 shadow rear wheel. and coffin stainless tank. Just got the bars and seat this weekend but got the wrong springs. orderd some new 3inch and then will fit it. Continue Reading →

81 burnt copper Beauty



Started chopping, grinding, and unbolting right away!

Write about your XS650. :Here is my first XS bobber project. I bought it used but factory fresh (still 100% stock). My friend Clay and I started chopping, grinding, and unbolting right away! the bike is still not 100% finished but couldn’t wait to share this beauty with my fellow XS riders. Continue Reading →