Yamaha XS 650 Chopper by Mike Ferraro

Yamaha XS 650 Chopper from Mike Ferraro on Vimeo.

Made by Mike Ferraro xs650 rigid, 6 up, 2 out, 40 degree rake, 250 tire.

I love Vimeo. This was the only xs650 on Vimeo. Badass..


  1. Jon M says:

    This is an oldie but a goodie. Vimeo in cool to.

  2. jeff Conrad says:

    Can you tell me how to build your 650 chopper? Are your plans for sale? That is one cool bike in the video.

  3. Teebs says:

    Love the bike. Cool vid.

  4. Jonathon D says:

    the frame in the vid is from cycleonemanufacturing.com