Old School XS650 Chopper


Old school chopper is heaven

Describe Your XS650: Year: 1975
This is my wife’s bike I got last autumn, for her  there is so small thing’s to do with it.
But is a nice bike to her to ride with. Old school chopper is heaven to ride………..

Thanks  kenneth kiss kraus


  1. Matt says:

    I love the bike all i am wanting to know is some resource info on how to chop a xs650 i am looking to buy one and besides knowing how to ride i know nothing on how to do anything to a bike i am a painter so that is covered and my father in law is a welder so that is covered but i need the basics of how to create a rearend and frontend and what to do with the motor when these things are done so i am the dummy to these things any help will be greatly appreciated if you want to respond please wend me a email with any info possible thanks.

  2. Ted says:

    We are going to be doing a tutorial on Chopping a 650 in the months to come.