My TX 650


Describe Your XS650: The suspension is off of a early 90s katana. The sub frame and seat cowl are all hand made. The engine has a 750 big bore kit, megacycle \”torque monster\” cam, stiffer valve springs, titanium keepers and backers, the head is ported, the pipes are a copy of a shell header, the can is actually a cone-megaphone inside a r-1 can sheath, the carbs are 38 mukuni slides, and it has a 50hp shot of nitrous oxide. It is in pieces as of right now , I sent the crank out to CrankWorks to get balanced, and I am fabbing a hydraulic clutch and just got a set of Barnett clutch fibers (had a slip problem). Cant wait to ride again.




Thanks Mitch Burkert


  1. Swede says:

    What about the rear end?

  2. theFATman says: