In neXSt editions of this column I will show you some nice Xsses which are built by one of the 600 clubmembers of the Dutch XS 650 klub Here you see a bobber made by Marco Kooreman, he shows that a nice looking bike doesn’t always have a hardtailed frame. img_5815

This XS runs an almost stock frame, but it has a great low-look. That’s reached by extending the swingarm, Marco extended this by 9cm. Check out Marco’s daily ride below.




Xsee you neXSt time, greetzzz Hans Prost.

Thanks Hans

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  1. Ali says:

    great bike. I’m doing something similar and was wondering if you know what kind of rear shocks Marco is using?

  2. Thomas Kooreman says:

    Hello, might we be related? I lve in the US and there are very few Kooreman’s. It would be nice to find as many relatives as possible. Like your bike. Had an old Harley Sportster for years.. Finally had to give it up. Got hit by a car. Pleaqse resond at your pleasue. hanks, Tom Koorean