Loved by some Feared by Others…


Describe Your XS650: 1978. Totally 1 off frame made by myself, which i changed a couple times. neck is from another xs. aluminum xs wheels, 18 rear 19 front. springer is from ebay, i have no idea what its origin is. Rear fender is a front xs. i made the batter box. toggle switch for easy on off accessibility. rolled the seat pan. bicycle shock for the ass. 78 xs tank. 1 inch round stock aluminum with a couple bends for bars. waiting on an old spot light for the headlight. found a taillight on a 51 F-6 ill be using. I have about $500 into the bike and many hours.


NICE ONE Thanks Bryan


  1. hoosierduckman says:

    Nice bike!!! Love the flat black.

  2. Brett says:

    Love it!
    What size tire is on that 18″ rear wheel?

  3. El Gaucho says:

    It’s looking like it doesn’t have quite enough caster. Is it “darty”?

  4. sean from boston says:

    looks like it could use some more rake and a smaller tank but for the amount of cash you have into it…… Looks GREAT! keep building man