Budget Chopper/Tracker Build


Long story short

Long story short, I got this bike off of craigslist for $400. All said and done I got a little over $1,100 into it which makes my pocket book and girl happy. As you can see, pretty simple chop. Paint is a Chrysler paint code, seat is home-made with faux ostrich skin cover. Tail light from justifieddefiance.com on a home-grown mount. Lowered shocks off of my Honda Shadow Spirit and a ton of parts from mikesxs.com and a friend in Colorado (thanks cali). Pipes are stockers with the mufflers cut off, heat wrapped, and Walmart automotive exhaust tips.


The rear fender is the rear section of the front fender that I cut off and mounted to the sub-fender. One off extra-long foot pegs inspired from Billy Lane\’s style. It was a fun and obviously inexpensive winter project, oh yeah, and a blast to ride and get the heads turning thinking “what the hell is that thing” haha.




Tell me what you think. -Brad


  1. eXcesS says:

    i dig what you did with the bike – I like the side covers you made and the tan seat goes great with the blue paint you chose.

  2. steviemonster says:

    i love what you,ve done with your ride…..great budget bike with maximum effect! love it! x

  3. Rob says:

    dude, there are a lot of nice bikes on this site, but I really like what You’ve created. Choppin, bobbin, cuttin, sandin, so on and so forth is cool, but what can you make using what you’ve got……a pretty sweet looking bike. Nice hustle player. I’m just starting my bike and my plan is to keep it simple. I would love a detailed description of what you’ve done. Thanks

  4. chris says:

    what shocks are you using?

  5. jeff says:

    i LOVE this bike! totally everything i’d want in a build, and for a price that i can handle too, haha! if you ever get tired of that baby, i’d be glad to take it off your hands 😉

  6. J-C says:

    Nice bike, just wondering on how you fastened the seat to the frame. I am in the process of doing this too and trying to see how other people did it. Again very nice bike.

  7. coyotewhacker says:

    First off, that is some beautiful sheetmetal and paint work. Congratulations. Couple of questions: 1) how did you fabricate the new side panels? 2) my recently acquired 81 Special really needs some new paint this winter, and I love the Chrysler paint you laid on the bike. Do you happen to remember the stock number?

  8. bykerbrad says:

    The side panel is actually one trapezoid shaped piece of sheet metal that just wraps around. And sorry, I do not know the actual paint code. Our body shop painted a car the same color and I told him, ‘I like that color.’ Poof, my bike parts were that color the next day.