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xs650 chopper with a dropseat


xs650 chopper 2009

The bike was given to me by my sister after the death of her husband. I had originally painted it for him as his budget did not allow for a Harley. He knew that I had not much interest in HD’s (basically; seen one seen them all) and had built several alternatives over the years BSA’ s Honda’s and Yamaha’s. We had talked about what could be done with this bike but he died before we could start the project. Once I took possession of the bike I determined that I wanted to build it using the stock suspension, stretching the swing-arm 3″ and relocating the upper shock mount forward and lower, then using Progressive 10-1/2″ shocks. Continue Reading →

Update B’s 1979 Yamaha XS650




I bought this 1979 Yamaha XS650, on Craigslist for $1400.00, and I have put in about $600.00, in Wheels, tire, and mods.  This bike is running strong and looking good! Continue Reading →

My home built XS650 Chopper



Don’t need a ton of cash

I bought this stock \’77 XS650 for $675. It took $1,100. and about eight weeks to put her together. I cut and welded the frame and made all the brackets and acessories (electrical-oil bag, battery box, etc.) Just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of cash to build something cool. Continue Reading →

Nate & his Helmet Cam


ton up on an xs chopper from Nathan Spainhower on Vimeo.

1981 Yamaha XS chopper


This is a really really clean xs650 concept chopper bike. I don’t think the pictures do it justice..

Too many mods to list here.

“I will start with the frame. I built the hardtail section with a 2 inch stretch and fixed axle plates. the chain is adjusted via an adjustable chain tensioner. The neck is a Harley style that I raked to 38 degrees. I also removed the stock neck bracing and replaced it with a tubular one. I smoothed all the welds and painted the frame and the tank (a Hodaka trials item) with Dupont base clear. Continue Reading →

How To Chopp your Yamaha xs650


“The How To Bike”

A series by The Fong Bros..

Over the next few months, The Fong Bros will be presenting a “How To” series for those of you looking for some mechanical assistance building your xs650 chopper. The goal is to use the most basic tools that should be available to the average builder. Some tools you should have and others you may need to borrow from a friend.

Topics covered will include:

  • Tearing down your xs650
  • Cutting the frame
  • Adding a hard tail
  • Taking apart and rebuilding your spoked wheels (with whatever size you like)
  • Changing tires
  • shaving your forks
  • Filling in your engine cases
  • Electrical
  • Paint and pinstripes
  • etc.

We’ll be using this 1982 xs650. So, here are the pics of the untouched Yamaha xs650 as I bought it. It used to be a mail delivery bike and has been off the road for 20 years.



Stay tuned for more!

The Fong Bros; Billy Joe and Bobby Joe Fong.

Hear is some of our xs650 handy-work.

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