Yamaha 500


This bike was one of the first posts at this blog before the site had any traffic. I thought I had the builder right so to give props and credit however, I gave credit to the wrong guy.

“Hey Ted, I’m liking your site. scrolling through I even saw my own bike which is really cool, however I’m not Rouser Rob & he didn’t build my bike. Although he’s a good friend I’m not going to let him have credit. Just a FYI, Heads Up, On your Radar kind of thing. Thanks”

Kim Boyle
Thanks for the pics Kim.

I first saw this at the biltwellinc.com blog and followed it to the builders website.

Some high quality craftsmanship. Look at that pretty weld on the gas tank tab.

Check out www.rouserworks.com where pics are from.


  1. JON M says:

    dude I love your bike. you’re clear metal tank is pretty cool and the double retro tires. nice job.

  2. hoosierduckman says:

    What a clean bike. Man that thang is sweet. Love the seat. Nice job.

  3. HoeyUno says:

    This is a clean looking softy.

  4. Sherry says:

    My friend erich just called and stressed ; ‘check out page 68 Yamaha 500’!!!
    Uh huh! this is the most elegant ‘ chop’ I’ve ever seen. Wish she was mine.