XS650 Bobber Oldskool Red n Black


Describe Your XS650: Year: 1980

I bought this bike about 6 months ago. It was pretty much stock except someone changed the seat to make it look like a cafe race and the mufflers were changed out. I totally redid the whole bike. I knew the look I wanted and I went for it. I cut the frame and added a hardtail kit that was 4″ of stretch. I made the battery box myself and the fake oil tank or wire housing if you will. I also made the seat brackets and the lisence plate bracket. All work was done by me and I know nothing about bikes so if I can do it anyone can. It was a fun build and even funner to ride.




Thanks Larry Zamora.

If you dig this bike check out this xs650 bobber!


  1. Michael Narozny says:

    Nice bike man

  2. Larry Zamora says:

    Hey thanks for adding me to the website there is some nice bikes on here. Thanks also Michael I’m really getting a lot of attention with this thing LOL

  3. Michael Narozny says:

    the lincoln or caddy is bad ass too!

  4. Larry Zamora says:

    It’s a 59 impala Michael thanks for noticing it. I had to move it out the garage for a while to build the bike then I sold a car and I was able to move it back in haha

  5. e-dog says:

    hey man, i love what u did with ur bike thats fat.. mad props.
    here is the link to my facebook, theres pictures of my 83 xs chopped
    bobber style some whatlike urs, i got a little carried away with the pinstippes. plus love the impala. what area u live in mybe ill see you out there. peace.

  6. Larry Zamora says:

    Hey E-dog thanks on the compliments I want to pinstripe mine as well just haven’t gotten around to it yet I’ve been riding it like crazy though. I clicked on that facebook thing and it says I have to log on I’m not a member so what is it?? I live in La Junta Colorado how about yourself?? Oh Sorry everybody I haven’t been on for a few days I’ve been out of town getting my party on LOL

  7. Larry Zamora says:

    I need a springer front end LOL

  8. shaun L says:

    sweet bike!! whats the tank off of? also what size are the tires? it all looks perfect man.

  9. Larry Zamora says:

    It has a 100/90/19 tire in the front and an mt90/16 in the rear I believe the tank is off of a harley I bought it off ebay and the guy had it laying around his shop for like 10 years he used it to mock up bikes is what I was told.Thanks for the compliments this is the first bike I’ve ever built the second bike I’ve owned and I’ve only been riding for like 6 months total

  10. Larry Zamora says:

    I have a vid on youtube of a startup just type in xs650 bobber startup the wind caught the pipes and it sounds funny but trust me the bike is real good sounding

  11. phantom says:


  12. Larry Zamora says:

    The hardtail piece I welded on it was bought it was a hardtail kit I purchased off of ebay but the guy who sells them does have a website and it’s tcbroschoppers I think but if you go to ebay and type in xs650 hardtail it should pop right up.

  13. RUSTY RIDER says:

    Hey Larry, I saw your comment on Joel Mekolites, post. Maybe you could help me with my ?’s, Love the bike by the way, the pipes are great ! I am about to order some parts, I am torn between the 110/90 and the 100/90-19 front tire from Maxxis. (already have the back) I am told they will both fit, can you push me either way towards one size? second one, I need some help on a longer chain, I have the Kansas Kustoms 4″ stretch hardtail. Oh, and third, what size is the tank you used, I am looking at the 3.1 gal, but I don’t want it to look too big…

    Thanks Larry

  14. Larry Zamora says:

    Honestly on the tire I’d do the 100/90/19 thats what I have for my front tire and it’s not to big but not to small if that makes sense I too am running maxxis tires. I have a 3″ stretch on mine and I purchased a 120 link chain from ebay and cut it to fit so you’d probably have to buy one that is even longer. My tank is more like a 2.5 gallon. I hope that helps I try to be helpful but being this is the first bike I’ve built and only the second bike I’ve owned I’m not too bike savy.

  15. RUSTY RIDER says:

    Larry, That is a HUGE help. I was looking at a 120 link chain, so I will look for an even longer one… (530HT x 130 ) I think? and thanks for the heads up on tires and tank, those were my big sticking points for my build. I have owned 2 brand new Honda’s (VTX 1300 & VLX 600) that I have done a little custom work to but this will not only be be my first old bike , but my first full build. I am very excited. Look for it to be posted on here soon.


  16. Larry Zamora says:

    No problem rusty this bike was my first build as well I had a yamaha virago that I lowered and did some other stuff too but not nearly as nice as this one. can’t wait to see yours posted up

  17. larry zamora says:

    I took the bike to a very small bike show it was my first one it was a show and shine and a bike rodeo and I won best euro so I was real happy

  18. Ted says:

    Larry, sending the link to the vid so we can post it up. maybe we could do a e-mail interview update if you’re down.

  19. larry zamora says:

    I am definately down for that the sound quality is not very great though we got a lot of echo’s because it was done it my back yard I have other pics as well better ones so if I get your email I can send em. Here is the vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BQstdPrWAY Hope you can find it. Let me know what to do next and I will 😉

  20. Ted says:

    just e-mailed Larry.

  21. BLACK WIDOW says:

    Thanks TED

  22. Bob says:

    Larry were did you get your rear fender? Thanks, Bob

  23. blackwidow says:

    I purchased it from ebay

  24. Chris says:

    Love the bike buddy, im working on my first build right now,
    what size and where did you score the rear fender ? and what site did you get your tires from ? and what size front headlight did you use ?
    Shoot me an email asap man , love the bike again and best of luck.


  25. RUSTY RIDER says:

    Hey Larry,

    back to our earlier chat about the chain… So I spent a whole bunch of time to find a 130 link chain that wouldn’t break the bank, and then I put it on last night and had to cut out 12 links… Long story short could have bought a 120 and been just fine. My bike is almost done, Just the wiring left to do. How is yours looking back to black yet?

  26. Rob says:

    Me too I love the rear fender and was wondering where you got it from. shoot me an email too Rbarganier@gmail.com

  27. Aaron says:

    Awesome job! I’m looking to do my first build and have just stumbled upon this site. It’s comforting to know that you did this without any knowledge about bikes, as you said.

    The bike look incredible. The pic you posted with the half frame is really helpful. I kept wondering how people got the bobber look from the original frame and now I know. Thanks!

    Can you talk a little bit about your costs so we have a better idea of them. The purchase price of the bike and then your modification costs. Would be very helpful.

    Again, awesome job Larry!

  28. norm younger says:

    Cool fiftys hot rod look. Love the colors