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The kitchen Sink.

Describe Your XS650:
Hey guys, I’m the chop from holland. Here are some pics of the xs650 I built, nothing special just a no nonsense dutch chop. The setup: sr500 drumbrake wheel on front, xs650 16″ on the rear, modified sporty fender on the rear, modified clipons the rear light was saved from the dupster, the upswept exhaust was made from various exhaust parts I had laying around and the airfilters were made from a kitchen sink. Paintwork: just primer…. Currently I’m working on 2 new projects xs650 off course!




Update on this ride from Hans:

“Wow, the Dutchies are doin their best on your site !!!
I love the ‘primer’ XS from richard.
Nice to say this XS will be in the new issue of the Dutch custom magazine Bigtwin.
Got a twenty years subscribtion already, tommorow the march issue (nr.268) will
fall on my doormat. Here the first to pages already, maybe nice to include at the post.
Good weekend !!!!
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  1. Weed says:

    Hoi Richard ook hier , er staan nu al veel Hollanders hier 🙂
    Ziet er weer goed uit

    Hoi Richard , there are already many Hollanders here 🙂
    Looks good

  2. steviemonster says:

    Great ride! looks great in red oxide! x steviezombie@aol.com (UK)

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Just red the feature in the new Bigtwin mag Richard !!
    Turns out real great, nice pics from Floris again and good story !!!
    SuXSes with your other two XS projects, hope to see them soon.

  4. Hans from Holland says:

    Richard did the whitewall tire by himself. Simply by painting it.
    Did you know there is special paint to make your own whitewalls?
    Here is a link to the manufactuor;

  5. Weed says:

    http://www.whitewallpaint.com/ This is really a super-address for
    whitwall paint

  6. richard says:

    tnx guys!
    yep it’s in the dutch bigtwin…,didn’t see the article yet because I have no subscribtion…
    Yes I did paint the rear tire myself with a can of white-wall paint gotta love the low-budget way off building!!!

  7. Ted says:

    “steviemonster said:Great ride! looks great in red oxide!” I dig the primer red finished to!!

  8. Floris says:

    Yep, Richard’s bike-feature came out pretty cool! We did a shoot of the bubble-gum XS’ses (Easy Dick) too, last weekend, and we expect them to be featured in these pages soon. I’ll keep you informed…

  9. richard says:

    yep,really cool!tanx again floris!
    (are you stalking me? everywhere I’m at ,you are too LOL)

    about the primer red:I was going to paint the gastank and fender so first I primered them before the final paint
    I tought it looked really cool,so I put the paint back on the shelve and decided to leave it this way…

  10. Steve says:

    Very cool bike !!

  11. richard says:


  12. norm younger says:

    Great fifties look love it.