Sick xs650 CHOPPER… What would you expect?


Here’s a dope XS Han’s send me from his extensive XS650 archives. Perfectly created 650? Sure why not. The text is too small to read but who cares.


  1. Hans from Holland says:

    This XS was featured in the UK custommag 100%Biker.(sept.2008)
    Started as a Canadian imported 78’er SE modell.

  2. rob says:

    I had an ’83 yamaha vision do those count?… I could NOT get it to run.. it had spark and fuel and the book I got said send it to the manufacture for time… the onlything I didnt try was swapin the plug wires… before I got to it it was taken down to be painted

  3. clean bike…..If u zoom your “view” to 400% u can read most of the text