My XS650; Built By Slim


Decided to do some mods with tons of help from friends..

Describe Your XS650: Built by slim at, clark and rondi spaulding and myself. Year: 81 Bought the bike completely stock in great shape. Decided to do some mods with tons of help from best friends clarke and rondi spaulding but didnt like the master turn out. We went to the Chopmeet in Wrightwood, CA and met Slim. So we threw him the bike and let him have full play with the bike.. Its not finished but its the progress shots.. More to come! The Reverend..




  1. Ted says:

    Frankenstein could be a good name for the Bike. When I first saw this bike I thought the work looked familiar with the spot welds. It remembered me of the article in the Horse on slimsfab’s ride. Cool Chopp.

  2. Dennis W. Schoessow says:

    I really like how the scooter look’s. I have two 650’s one I’m making into a street tracker and the other I’ve been wanting to build something like this but thought I would have to buy me a frame to get the look I wanted but I like what you have done. Thanks for the inspiration. Dennis

  3. El Gaucho says:

    Can’t go wrong with Slim. I’ve been seeing his work for awhile and I always like what I see.