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First Changes To My XS



Describe Your XS650: Year: 1979 So i already posted the stock photo of the bike the way i got it on sunday. And here is what it looks like on wednesday. Continue Reading →

Super Stoked!! KILLER XS 650’s coming up!!!


Okay guys, as you know this site has been growing superfast and it keeps getting better every day with cool bikes coming in from all of the world… Coming up this next month March, I will be honored to be sharing some spectacular Yamaha xs650 choppers with you guys. We will have profiles on xs650 chopp’s from Finland, Germany and the good old USA (Fong Bros) as well as posts from Hans from Holland, Mulligan machine and the crew from Ardcore Choppers. So, stay tuned for more great 650’s to drool over.

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XS650 Chopp; From The Man In Japan


Job Opening

A guy walks into the local welfare office, marches straight up to the counter and says, “Hi… You know, I just HATE drawing welfare. I’d really rather have a job.” The social worker behind the counter says, ” Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful Continue Reading →

B’s 1979 Yamaha XS650 Bobber



Changing from standard XS650, into Bobber XS650. Pipes, paint, handle bars, new rear end. Next up powder coating the rims BLACK! Then hardtailing the BIKE!

Thanks Brandon Turner.

MULLIGAN MACHINE: Reporting For Duty


Submission #2, and I do believe this one is a bit of a head turner. It was actually one of the bikes featured in Hanz’s Top Ten list. The builder and I have exchanged words before about it, and I couldn’t resist digging for more info on the bike. He was more than willing to dish out what info I needed along with a good story of how it started to take shape. Enjoy….


Xs 650 Hartailed Frame Was Up For Grabs. (karma?)

“I did a guy a favor once, by picking up a bike, and dropping it off at his place. This guy returned the favor about a year later, by letting me know that his buddy couldn’t finish an xs-project, and that the hartailed frame was up for grabs.(karma?) Nice welds, only one inch stretch, and straight as an arrow….done deal!

I then found a farmer (via the dutch version of “craigslist”) who was in the process of selling his farm, and was cleaning out the barn. As a result, he sold me his xs softail chopper with a 21″ Santee mini-drum front wheel, along with lots of other cool parts which had been his pride and joy back in 70’s and 80’s. The bike was hidden in the barn, and had not been used for several years. Continue Reading →

XS650 Bobber Oldskool Red n Black



Describe Your XS650: Year: 1980

I bought this bike about 6 months ago. It was pretty much stock except someone changed the seat to make it look like a cafe race and the mufflers were changed out. I totally redid the whole bike. I knew the look I wanted and I went for it. I cut the frame and added a hardtail kit that was 4″ of stretch. I made the Continue Reading →