XS650 Bobber Build From Michigan


XS650 RED Bobber:

Year : 1979

After restoring my first bike, a 1980 Special, I was hooked. It started as $300 non-running buy off of flea-bay. The frame, tank, fender, wheels, calipers, rotors and many miscellaneous parts all powder coated. You can\’t tell from the picture but the red is highly metallic. The only paint on this bike is high temp engine paint on the jugs. Duel front disk brakes, braided stainless steel brake lines all around, 3 inch stretch on the swing arm, custom wiring, home made tough as nails rectifier and regulator, all lights LEDs with \’trailer light\’ setup in the rear. Everything was either rebuilt or bought new and took me over a year to build.




Thanks for Sending in the Bobber pictures Mike


  1. Ted says:

    Ha Mike – How are things going with your bike? Did you get your motor put back together?

  2. Donnie says:

    Nice job on the bike…curious too, where you’re at with it now.
    And with all the chop photos I see coming from MI… why don’t I ever see em’ on the road? All sport and touring bikes around here in Metro Detroit.
    Maybe it’s the addiction to wrenching, haha, they’re always in the garage. 😉
    Good luck with the build… hope to actually see it out on the road someday.

  3. Mike says:

    The bike is running great now with a 1972 750 big bore engine, a set of Scott’s chopper mile pipes and Mikuni 36s. My gf nick named it the Red Rocket. I ride it to work (Lansing) every now and then.
    I don’t know why I don’t see more xs650 chops around, I see a lot of posts of them, but none on the road.

  4. norm younger says:

    Nice bike but isnt the seat uncomfortable?