The Green Bastard From Parts Unknown


XS650: 1980ish Green Bastard

This is the first bike I have ever built. It was going to be a one year project but turned into a three month build instead. It started out with me paying more for the bike than what it was worth but what the hell its only money right. I have to admit I got the hard tail and forward controls from TC choppers I didn’t make them my self 🙁 The tank was from a hell’s angle and the only stipulation was that I had to use it he hates people that buy shit and dont use it I didnt tell him that it was going on a yamaha because I dont think he would have given it to me? I made the Custom inverted head light bracket on the CNC machine and wiring tube which is also ignition and head light and fuse panel. A $40 boat trailer fender and bars off of a kids 150 yamaha dirt bike and you have what looks to be a pretty sweet little ride. Thanks to all that help and screw all that said I couldnt.



Nice Bike Man… Thanks for the pics Chris root


  1. Cole Long says:

    I got the same forward controls off a friend for free and i was wondering how you hooked up the linkage for the rear breaks without making any bends

  2. GR says:

    Sweet bike, now watch out for Lahey and Randy they surly want a piece.

  3. scheffers says:

    cool bike man! i like the green frame!

  4. jason says:

    bitchin bike

  5. Chris says:

    That is a beautiful build. I just ordered the TC hardtail myself and hope my project looks so nice. One question, how did you get the wheels to have that brushed look? Thanks!


  6. Chris says:

    Oh, and what kind of “oil tank” are you using for the electronics? That looks super cool as well.

  7. travis says:

    was wondering where did you get that brake mechanism building bike for my boy and would like to keep the rear brake would really appreciate your help

  8. Idaho chad says:

    killer bike, i dig your bars.

  9. norm younger says:

    I like the bars and electrics box nice job.