Steve XS650 Project


“I started this build with an Ardcore , frame . I’m doing the rest in my home shop .
Jon at Ardcore
is great with any thing I need along the way .”

Bang-up, killer, naked XS650. It’s got an artful profile specifically the exhaust. Steve, Are those exhaust headers stock or custom bent? Simple and brilliant.. Can’t wait to see it in paint, although you could just leave it the way it is.



Respectful-looking stopping apparatus….


Nice photography work man.

Thanks Steve, make sure to send in some pictures when you get further, as we all know they’re never finished.


  1. pete says:

    your bike has inspierd me! i just found a 79 xs650 for 900 bucks!!!! just wanna know if it will work and if so ill be on my way to pick it up!! lol then start building. cool site..

  2. admin says:

    sending some pics when you start building your xs650 chopp.

  3. Steve says:

    Yes any xs 650 will work , they are really neat bikes…Steve

  4. no650yet says:

    I agree with pete this bike truly is inspirational. I am kinda looking for a project for myself, this bike is very close to the look id like to build, that springer front end is killer. keep up the work

  5. Willy says:

    I gotta hand it to you bro. you did an awesome job on this bike! I really like it! I picked up a 73 650 xs one of the cylinders isn’t getting spark, I checked the coils and they both checked out good? I was hoping you’d give me some insite on it? Also I’d like to tear it down and bob it out!

  6. Noah Katsma says:

    Hey Steve,
    What do you got going on there for your rear brake setup? I have been looking to identify that caliper and i can’t seem to figure it out?

    Real nice looking bobber by the way! Really close to what I have been picturing in my head… Now I finally have some pictures to reference rather than my crude drawings…

  7. norm younger says:

    Awesome bike. Great lookin start. Any updated pics?

  8. john says:

    very nice. i hope you left her raw.