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JOINTS Motorcycle Show 2008: PINK XS650?



More pictures in from our Japanese correspondent..

These pictures are from the 08 joint motorcycle show in Japan. Besides the pink gas tank this XS650 is pretty sick . The exhaust flows perfectly around the engine and then swoops up with the frame geometry. The fishtail tips are pretty sweet to.


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XSee ya, Hans. Holland Whatsup!.


Will Hans be writing a monthly column here at ?

Here is a short e-mail I had with Hans who just sent in some more pictures of his XS Chopp..

Hello Ted,
Nice meeting! Think we’ve got same passion, I think your site has great potential.
I’m a huuuuuge XS 650 fan and built several XS 650 in the last 20 years.
Also collecting XS 650 documentation for many years, especially articles out of magazines,
sure there’s nobody on this planet who has more XS info and pics on his PC.
Have you checked our site??? www.xs650.n

HA Hans. Thanks, Nice meeting you as well.
I bet I have some 650s you haven’t seen..LOL..
I looked at the site a couple times. You have a huge collection bro..

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I just invited Hans to write a monthly post here at
I think it be really cool to have Hans write and let us know what’s going on over there in the Netherlands. Hans is lucky enough(and smart enough) to be bilingual. I tried reading through some of the things posted on the  Netherlands XS website and well, I don’t read Danish.. I tried using Google translator which kind of works but I still think it be much cooler to have Hans write in once a month and let us know what’s going on.

Come back to see if Hans will be writing a monthly column.

Back 2 BasiXS…Bobber From Hollland



Bare Bone Basic Bobber

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El Pepito XS650 Ardcore Choppers



One-Off Ardcore Frame

Year 1979

” This is a one-off Ardcore frame with a jackshaft setup and running a 180 out back. HD wheels front and back wrapped with Metzelers. The frame and tins are cleared. Continue Reading →

666 Fabrication’s: XS650 Bobber..



xs650 chopper burnout

666 Fabrication’s: XS 650 Chopper
We’re a small shop in Milford, CT that fabricates turbo manifolds, headers, intake manifolds or just about anything you could dream up that can be cut, chopped, bent and welded together. Our product line specializes in BMW’s but we love anything and everything that gos fast and burns rubber….we’ll make just about anything. Weird or difficult stuff is our specialty.

Thanks for sending in the 650 pictures man!

Cool Bike..

XS650 Chopper Project For Sale



A 1970’s Original

Project For Sale

This really pains me to post this. Why? Two reason. I want to buy it for myself. Yes, I’m a selfish little bitch.. The raked out grinder and stretched out profile is badass wicked cool… Secondly, I’d like to see it finished.

  • Good luck and thanks for sending in the pictures Tracy..
  • I have a funny feeling this bike won’t be available for very long..
  • Year 1978

” This is a project I started, but don’t have the space or time to finish now.
Frame is custom built, very long and low. Design is traditional chopper “bare minimum” look. Neck joints are gusseted, all frame joints are slugged and angle-cut for maxiumum weld strength. (The pictures show a “mock up” coffin tank- this is just a cardboard pattern, no tank is included.)

**Two** engines are included. One is a takeoff of a parts bike and has not been opened. I was told it was running fine before the bike was junked. The other engine has been dissasembled and the crankshaft rephased to a 277 degree crank. Engine has been cleaned and is ready for reassembly. Continue Reading →