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Hans from Holland: XS650s @ Mooneyes Yokohama

In a earlier post I mentioned that it be really cool to have Hans write and let us know what’s going on over there in the Netherlands and that Hans might be writing the occasional post here at xs650 Chopper..
  • Well I’m stoked to say that he’s DOWN !!!
  • Here is his first official post.




A month ago another big Japanese customshow take place, it was the 17th Hot Rod Custom show in Yokohama. Also known as the ‘Mooneyes customshow, here are exposed the finest custom cars and -bikes of the country of the rising sun. What would this be without XS 650’s? Well I don’t know the answer on this stupid question, every year the show contains XSamples of our beloved twin. In my neXSt post more Japanese XS650’s on custom shows, be warned….

Hans from Holland.

Thanks Hans; sorry it took so long for this to get posted.

Easy Dick XS650 Hardtail Chopper



Describe Your XS650: It’s Green And Loud!

Righteous Ride From The Netherlands.

Another KICKASS original Yamaha 650 chopper from the Netherlands... Jan’s bike is definitely fresh and original. Look at that sick stretched out grinder with the brass wing nuts holding things together!! Jan’s bike is crazy long. $1 million bucks couldn’t buy the character and class in this bike. It’s even in my favorite color, army green! Continue Reading →

XS650 Bobber Build From Michigan



XS650 RED Bobber:

Year : 1979

After restoring my first bike, a 1980 Special, I was hooked. It started as $300 non-running buy off of flea-bay. The frame, tank, fender, wheels, calipers, rotors and many miscellaneous parts all powder coated. You can\’t tell from the picture but Continue Reading →

Unique xs650 twin/Enfield Bullet



Super Unique xs650 twin/Enfield Bullet For Sale On EBay:

” Enfield Bullet 500 with a Yamaha xs650 twin engine. I bought the bike as it is and realized that I just have too many projects right now. The bike does run (according to the previous owner), although the battery needs charged and the carbs probably need cleaned at this point. The previous owner made up a makeshift shift lever that will need replaced. The bike has good tires and a new battery. Continue Reading →

A Metric Chopper? 1980 XS650



A Metric Chopper?

1980 Yamaha XS650 Hardtail Frame

” 1980 XS650 coverted to a chopper. I am the second owner of the bike. The bike had 19,603 miles on it before it was converted over to a chopper. It rides really well, it does turn some heads too. The bike was stretched 4″. Continue Reading →

My Name IS Mark: THIS IS MY XS650


Info on bike has been removed.