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1976 xs 650 Bare Bones Bobber



Year : 1976
This is a 76 with the weld on hard tail, I bought it as a gay roller then bobbed the fender, painted the whole thing, out better cooler bars on it and some other odds Continue Reading →

Xs650 Project For Sale, NY


dscn18661Bobberish Brat Year : 1975

Describe Your XS650:
1975 XS650 bobber project, tons of new parts. New Mikuni round slides, new rear tire, battery. Two sets of custom exhaust, Drag pipes and two into one Super Trapp, extra motor, new chrome headlight still in box. 21\” front wheel(not mounted), custom seat, two tanks, ape hangers, side mount taillight LED,lowering shocks to be mounted and way more. Just needs Continue Reading →

1977 xs650 Murdercycle



Year : 1977 xs650 Murdercycle

Describe Your XS650:
My 1977 xs650 has a complete flattrack ready racing motor! Its ported and polished, milled, camed, domed pistons, and brand new round slide carb\’s. I put it together in the garage with some help from my step dad. It should put out about 70-75 horse!!!

jd evans

JD cheer the system and uploaded two of the same photo. HAHA. Cool bike bro. Sounds like it will Hall ASS. Thanks for sending in the picture and words..

Weed’s XS650 Hardtail Chopper



Weed’s XS650 Hardtail: Holland..

Year : 1980 and 2 of 1978

” Hay I am Weed from Holland. I have a XS650 hardtail and i love it. I have 3 Yamaha XS650. The black XS is from 1980 and the other 2 from 1978. The black XS is not yet ready, he’s waiting for new paint job. The other 2 are also Continue Reading →

More From Mooneyes 2008: xs650s Chopp


Some crazy dude just snatched your girls clutch and speeds off in a Dodge Neon!! Luckily you’re sitting on your XS650 and are a hero.

How to leap from a motorcycle to a car:

  1. where high quality helmet and leather pants.
  2. Make sure both vehicles are moving at the same speed. The slower the speed the safer the move. DA.
  3. Wait for a straight stretch of road.
  4. Get the vehicles as closely as possible to each other.
  5. Hold the throttle until last minute.
  6. If the car has handles inside grab on with your free hand. If not, simply time the leap so your torso lands in the car.
  7. Once you have released the handlebars the bike will go out of control and crash.
  8. If you missed the window, roll away from the vehicle. You’re screwed..

Here’s another sweet xs Chopper from Mooneyes Yokohama 2008 show.


Mooneyes Yokohama 2008 xs650s



Compliments of Mooneyes Yokohama 2008..

From our Japanese correspondent a kickass 650 compliments of Mooneyes Yokohama 2008.. Maybe if this site really takes off I can get a press pass and go to the mooneyes show next year. Man that would be F%$@ing awesome. Keep dreaming right? I’m going to go eat some lasagna now.