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1982 xs 650: From THE FONG BROS !!



First Bike Ever Built:

But have never caught my feet on fire.

This is the first bike ever built by the so called “Legendary Fong Brothers” out of Baltimore Maryland. This bike was built to replicate the Fong Bros famous demolition derby cars (Trailway Speedway 2000 – 2007), which were built to replicate traditional old school hotrods (flat black with white speed scallops, red wheels and big whitewalls.) As you can see by the pics, my taste in bikes has changed quite a bit over the years and this is no longer the style I prefer to build for myself. I am currently building and riding bikes like the silver one pictured and just sold the gold XS650.


Here are some specs.

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I Decided To Join The xs650 Nation




Year: 1974

Describe Your XS650:

I have only been riding motorcycles for a few months. About a month after I started riding I saw a pic of an xs650 built by the Fong Brothers. I became obsessed with the idea of building one. This will hopefully be a good learning expirience and turn out cool.

Thanks Bryan.

Looks like a good start to me.

Hans From Holland & The Yokohama Customshows



Hello FooXS,

Guess you’ve already noticed, i’m in! This site is great and I’m pleased to have my own column here. This column will be updated on regular base with a lot of XS 650 info, tech solutions, stories and of course a lot of lovely XS pics.

First of all a little introduction. I’m listening to the name Hans Prost for about forty years now and living in the east part of Holland. Already twenty years I’m a huge XS 650 lover, or better, call it a passion. I’ve built and ride several XS 650’s over the years and also collect XS documentation for many years. Another passion is blues-rock music, favourite band is absolute Lynyrd Skynyrd for me. Glad to say they’ll coming to Europe this spring, lookin’ forward to them.

OK, back to the XS 650, I’m also a member of the Dutch XS 650 club. We have about 600 members, our own clubhouse, part shop and a great club magazine. Name of the mag is 653 and I’m an editor of it. I’ve got several bikes, at the moment three XS 650’s and my latest project you see in the ‘Back to BasiXS’ post.Thousands of XS pics to share with you, in this first post (as promised) some Japanese XSses on customshows. I know it’s got less to do with Holland, but hey, haven’t you seen the inauguration of Obama? We should learn from each other…. So here some Japanese custom-bikes, most are built in the Bratstyle tradition.



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Chopp Straight From Holland


Click Here to enlarge and get a good look!

Another Dope Chopper From The Netherlands!

Year : 1980

“Hey I am ab (lazdude) from holland. Here are some pics of my bike that i build last year. Almost everything you see on this bike is handmade (springer frontend, hardtailframe, tank, steering, saddle, manifold with big SU carb and Continue Reading →

Japan’s Heiwa Mc XS650: & Minimalism

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Quality over quantity?

“Assembly of Japanese bicycles requires great peace of mind”

The term minimalism is used to describe a trend in design where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influential in modern design. Applying minimalist design to your motorcycle is simple. If you don’t like the way your bike looks take more stuff off ! Apply the KISS principle.


In the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pirsig explains Continue Reading →




This was a retro rebuild. Bike was originally put together in the early 70\’s. It was my neighbors as a kid. He gaught it on fire in 1982 and it sat in the barn until 2003.  I rebuilt the motor, had the frame and tank sanded blasted then powder  coated. remade the battery box, had a custom seat made, switched to electronic ignition, remade a taillamp bracket, chain roller etc.
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