Old Skool XS Chop Shop Style



Describe Your XS650:
I run a small bike shop in Jefferson South Dakota.  I will chop almost anything.  Hence the name The Chop Shop.  Here is a good example of one of our traditional Chops.  This bike was built for a customer who also built my web site.  This baby realy does have a few realy trick pieces.  Check out the faux oil tank which is actually the air box with a servicable filter.  The fuel tank was also highly modified, though subtle.  It is still a cool piece, with a raised tunnel, flush mounts, moved filler, and a custom machined filler cap. All fabrication and machine work was done in house.  All of these parts can be found on our web site, and if you want to check out some other really cool rides go to www.jeffersonchopshop.com Peace out, thanx for the support.. Harley Van Kirk ( The Chop Shop )



Thanks man.


  1. Weed says:

    Nice clean bike ,looks good

  2. andy carter says:

    this bike is rad, i love the tank. looks like you do great work.

  3. Michael Narozny says:

    I like the exposed side case. Reminsecent of a old knuncklehead

  4. Larry Zamora says:

    I love the red on this bike with the white looks killer

  5. jpracecraft says:

    Sweet ride, where did you find those white walls ?

  6. norm younger says:

    Very nice.