Some crazy dude just snatched your girls clutch and speeds off in a Dodge Neon!! Luckily you’re sitting on your XS650 and are a hero.

How to leap from a motorcycle to a car:

  1. where high quality helmet and leather pants.
  2. Make sure both vehicles are moving at the same speed. The slower the speed the safer the move. DA.
  3. Wait for a straight stretch of road.
  4. Get the vehicles as closely as possible to each other.
  5. Hold the throttle until last minute.
  6. If the car has handles inside grab on with your free hand. If not, simply time the leap so your torso lands in the car.
  7. Once you have released the handlebars the bike will go out of control and crash.
  8. If you missed the window, roll away from the vehicle. You’re screwed..

Here’s another sweet xs Chopper from Mooneyes Yokohama 2008 show.


xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve