Here Is One That Just Came To Be: Longgggg xs650


Year : 1980

Look out Netherlands! You got some crazy long bike competition. Look at those horns/spikes on the front down tubes. That is one super long grinder. Cool ride. Right?


Describe Your XS650:
It all started when I received this xs650. I had a first long bike. The motor in that bike went south. I extended the frame way up to accomadate this girder which I made from stainless solid rod. I hardtailed it.  Made a fender and did all the leather work and decided flat black is great. The rake is forty degrees this time instead of fifty four degrees. Change is good. I got the tank from some guys from a board far away..


Thanks for seending in the righteous pictures of your stretched out xs650 chopp Swinewerx.


  1. swinewerx says:

    Thanx main I love this bike the most out of all my bikes it is my most fabbed by me bike

  2. Weed says:

    Nice crazy bike , But give me picture 2 that picture is beautiful 😉

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Hey Weed,
    Same pic I placed in our XS 650 magazine a few month ago already,
    don’t you remember?….. don’t smoke too much grass bro…

  4. Weed says:

    Yes, I still know 🙂 it is also on my site 😉

  5. swinewerx says:

    Hey, Just to let you guys know it is very easy to ride and I can do an easy U turn in a single lane road without stopping to back up to really turn around. And it goes down the road straight even though I built 95% of this wonderful ride. It is titled as my first long bike a honda of all things it has it’s neck. But I did not discard the first long bike I put it as yard art with another five footer I had built also along with a four footer on some more yardart. I am seriously thinking of building yet another very long bike as soon as I get done with the other projects I have going. But, first I have to heal from a kid that ran me over with his car while I was on one of my other chops. The very first chop is now dead and gone.

  6. swinewerx says:

    What magazine? and what site? I would like a sub to that mag if at all possible and the site would be great to know. I get kicked off a lot of forums most folks don’t beleive that I fab most my stuff up as much as i can which is a lot I suppose if I would have went with american bikes it would be different. Although I could I won’t I wouldn’t want to be liked only cuz I have american bikes I actually hate them BADLY and the folks who love them also HATED

  7. swinewerx says:

    I tried the site, It takes me a while, and I can not read that language ,,,,,damn, why did I learn spanish a lot instead thanx

  8. Da Blase says:

    Don’t see many girders these days. Had one 22″ over with 13/16 rake. 8′ 2″ tip to tip. Had to make up adjustable t bars to compensate for flop. After dialed in it steered better than stock and cornered sweet. Looking for another.

  9. swinewerx says:

    I have to change out engines with another xs650 as the sealer on the ac rotor has been coming off and shorting out the stator which is sad but I have another motor that has been rebuilt , not by me, but has all new charging stuff and I have been advised to not replace these charging parts as it could make damage happen to the rotor cuz it takes special tools to pull the rotor and if done even the slightest of wrong way then that rotor is shot too!! If I woul have taught myself how to tig weld aluminum as I taught myself how to mig and stick weld mild and stainless steel ,, then, I wouldreplacethe whole charging system with a Honda permanent magnet alternator from one of the many Honda twins that are dead from blow by in the motor and not have to change the motor. ,,, this apparently is very common with the xs650s , I still am very disabled after two years of being hit by a kid’s car that had to turn left in front of my while I was riding to my regular job !!! I wish I would not have been hit and had to go through this misery for two years so far, but at least I know the next motor will be better than what is on there right now, after this motor then I guess I will either tig aluminum or of all things, put in a sohc cb 750 , I have a great choice also, I have five extra cb750s, and of them five two are 836s!!!so hopefully the next xs650 is the one that just don’t stop and charges on and on with no issues and I could then keep on keeping on with all of our chops and instead of me building more chops for me, we (Boops and I ) could ride on and I could convince her she should have more than three motocycles and she could have four or five cycles , of course get her to break out of the way of just having only one chop, and having choppers only along with my other theory, thatchoppers are the only way To go!!!especially my extreme theory, rigids(hard tails) with no springs under the back of the seat , having the seat cmpletely molded to the cycle , for this type of riding is not bad!! It actually is better, really !!! I would not lie about this as I have major permanent injuries to my back and neck, and when riding I don’t get hurt at all the only injuries I get from riding any of my choppers would be from the big insects, lime June bugs and those really big dragon flies as the are very hard and whenever they hit you in the face at a speed of 55miles per hour or more it is very painful when hit in the face by such a bug or flying objects like rocks and such ,,, but hey !!! Let’s keep a positive attitude and make everyday great

  10. fanoboss says:


  11. mike lytle says:

    liked the rambling more than the chop!!